RMM Packages

Level 1 monitoring only

($14.99 per workstation, $49.99 PER Server - MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION)

DEW IT agents would be installed on each workstation to be monitored, DEW IT technicians would inform client of concerns and a report emailed each week to an appointed contact. Updates and any work performed would be billed at standard technician rates.

Ask us about Level 2 and Level 3 rates which include anti-virus, backup and bundled technician rates. [email protected]

RMM Info

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) allows DEW IT technicians to keep your computers, networks and servers running. We are alerted to potential problems before they become work stoppages. 

It's like having an auto mechanic in your passenger seat while you drive. Our software agents monitor for key problem areas and alert us when your machine has breached a certain threshold. This allows us to act on that information and keep your system up and running or inform you of potential trouble. It also allows us to connect with you to perform remote diagnosis. 

It's peace of mind for your IT needs.